Costa Rica. I stopped writing. I didn’t want to dream anymore, so I just cried.
You were here. Now I can’t help it. Writing again.

You inspire me. You’re the only one. You’re the flame.
I’ll hold it in my hand. Don’t let the storms snatch it away.
That night back before I left. You said you had to teach me self defense.
So we half mock-fought, half danced. That’s how it went. Close.
And I didn’t see, but now I wish then would be forever.
And you said that you could tell me what to do.
But the point was that I had to choose. You said don’t be afraid.
Now I know choice is what makes your destiny beautiful.
No more talk. My head is tired.
I’ve been wandering these nights all alone, my thoughts pacing back and forth.
Where’s your warm embrace? I’m sorry that I feel this way.